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martin mando_bod_12878 martin mando_f_12878 martin mando_c_12878 martin mando_h_12878
martin mando_bb_12878 martin mando_b_ martin mando_br_12878 martin mando_bh_12878

1925 Martin A Mandolin. Serial #11925. Spruce Top. Mahogany Back
and Sides. Nicks and Dinds. "Reconditioned" Soft Shell Case. Sweet.
Tight. Amazing. $775.

thegib bod_12450 thegib f_12450 thegib b_12450
thegib sh1_12450 thegib h_12450 thegib bh_12450

1907 Gibson A1 Mandolin. "Pumpkin Top" Serial # 6527
Few nicks and dings. Original Hardshell Case. Very Good
Condition. Really Sweet Good VOLUME! $1500.  Continued

thegib tail_12450 thegib ic_12450 thegib oc_12450 thegib s_12450

Continued from Above...1907 Gibson A1 Mandolin.

favilla uke bod 11450 favilla uke f 11450 favilla uke b 11450 favilla uke h 11450 favilla uke bh 11450

Favilla (NewYork) Baritone Ukelele. 1950's. Mahogany. Repaired Top Crack/ Top Back Binding.
Some Nicks and Dings. Original Adorable Softshell Case. These are FINE Ukes and Cute too!

smeck f 10741 smeck b 10741 smeck h 10741 smeck bh 10741
Harmony Roy Smeck Ukulele. Mid 1950's. Mahogany. Plastic Fretboard. Some
Nicks and Dings. No Case. Sweet! $95.
gretsch camp f 10737 gretsch camp b 10737 gretsch camp h 10737 gretsch camp bh 10737
Gretsch Round Body "Camp Ukulele" 1940's. Blue to Green Burst! Nicks, Dings.
Original Canvass Bag. Cutie! $100.
tiple f 10681 tiple b 10681 tiple h 10681
tiple bod 10681 tiple bbod 10681 tiple bh 10681
Regal Tiple. 1930's. M.O.T.S. Fretboard/Headstock.  Spruce Top.
Fantastic Bridge Repair and Back Crack Repair By Dan McClusky!
No Case. Awesome Sound! I Love This Precious Baby $450.
natmand bod 09718 natmand f 09718 natmand b 09718 natmand bbod 09718 natmand h 09718 natmand bh 09718
National Triolian Mandolin. 1929? Sunburst. Metal Body. Changed Tuners? Original Soft Case. A Piece of History
Sounds so Sweet! $1800.
sig mando f 09553 sig mando b 09553 sig mando h 09553
Sigma Electric Mandolin. Model SM-23E. Recent. No Case.
Plays Great! $250.
pine uke f 08802 pine uke b 08802 pine uke sh 08802
Kamaka Honolulu Pineapple Ukulele. 1932? Mahagony.
New Martin Tuners. Pro Repaired Top Cracks and Back
by Dan McCluskey..The Man! No Case.
Where's the Hula Girls?
regal uke front 4640 regal uke back 4640
Regal Ukulele. 1940's.
Schnazzy Silverburst/red flowers.
No case. $75