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The Tinicum Guitarbarn specializes in Lap Steel's!  Karl is your go-to-guy for Lapsteel anything...

gib eh100_bod_13642 gib eh100_fc_13642 gib eh100_hd_13642
gib eh_100_bb_13642 gib eh100_b_13462 gib eh100-bh_13462

1939 Gibson EH-100 Lapsteel. Serial # EGE-2769. Sunburst.
White Rectangular Pickup. Newer Kluson Deluxe Tuners.
Nicks/Dings/Scratches. Origianl Hardshell Case. Pretty Clean!
Strong Tone! $800.

ric bd_bod_12673 ric bd_f_12673 ric bd_bb_12673 ric bd_h_12673 ric bd_bh_12673

Rickenbacher Model BD Lapsteel. Circa 1949. Bakelite White Panels. Couple Fret MarkerDots Missing. Nicks/Dings. L'il Beat Original Hardshell Case. STRONG! $950.

nat chicago_bod_12074 nat chicago_f_12074 nat chicago_h_12074
nat chicago_b_12074 nat chicago_bod_12074 nat chicago_bh_12074

1949 National Chicagoan Lapsteel. # V23245. Grey M.O.T.S.
Metal Hand rest. Cord. Some Nicks and Dings. Super Nice!
Original Hardshell Case. $500.

electro f 11098 electro b 11098 electo h 11098 electr bh 11098

Electromuse Lapsteel. 1940's. Wood Body. Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell
Case. Strong Pickup! Love this little bugger...$225.

epicoro f 10066 epicoro b10066 epicoro h 10066 epicoro bh 10066

Epiphone Hawaiian Coronet Lapsteel. 1939-1940. Black. Nicks and Dings.
New Cord. Repaired Original Soft Case.
Strong! $500.

silvertone front 6390 silvertone pu 6390 silvertone back 6390
Silvertone (Kay) Lap Steel. 1940's. Great Dark sunburst . rebuttoned. no case.
Asking $250
BR9 lap front 05411 BR9 lap back 05411 BR9 lap head 05411 BR9 lap bhead 05411

Gibson BR-9 Lap Steel. Mid 1950's. Rebuttoned. Changed Knobs. Original Hardshell Case. Super Super Clean! $575.
mag set f 09353 mag set b 09353
Magnatone Lapsteel and Amp Set.
Black M.O.T.S. Early 1950's
Original Softshell Case. Adorable!
aloha f 09336 aloha b 09336 aloha h 09336 aloha bh 09336 aloha neck 09336
Aloha Lapsteel. Late 1940's. Cast Aluminum. Non- Original Hardshell Case. Great Sound! RARE.
I've never seen one! $950.
dick f 08959 dick b 08959
Dickerson/Magnatone Lapsteel. Late 1940's
Green M.O.T.S.. Beat Original Soft Case.
Nice Condition. Very Cool. Great Sound.
mason front 6408 mason head 6408 mason body 6408 mason back 6408
Mason Lap Steel. 1950's. Sea Foam Green. Rebuttoned.
Otherwise All Original.
Never Seen One Like It! Too Cool. Sounds Great.
Original Soft Case.
Asking $600.