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regal tenor_bod_13569 regal tenor_f_13569 regal tenor_b_13569 regal tenor_h_13569 regal tenor_bh_13569

Regal Tenor No-Name Archtop. Late 1930's Dark Sunburt Spruce Top with Old Repair Top
Crack. DARK Brown Maple Back and Sides. Grover Open Back Tuners. Arched Back. Newer
Pickguard. Roadworn and very COOL! Plays Beautiful! $500.

clancy bod_13442 clancy f_13442 clancy a_13442 clancy h_13442
clancy bb_13442 clancy b_13442 clancy n_13442 clancy bh_13442
clancy sh_13442 clancy pw1_13442 clancy pw2_13442 clancy pw3_13442

1974 Martin D-18 Serial # 339511. Purchased and Played By Bobby Clancy
of "The Clancy Brothers"  From Ireland. Bobby Took it to Martin Factory For
a Refret in 1999. See Paperwork. At This Time Martin Issued A New Warranty
Card. Lot's of Roadwear, Nicks and Dings, Buckel Rash. Letters From Martin,
Clancy Family and Previous Owners. Fishman 9 Volt Active Pickups and Bone
Saddle Installed By Dan McClusky 2 years ago. Genius Work. Original Hardshell
Case. A Great Peice of History That is Ready To Go! $2200.

mart d35_77_bod_13397 mart d35_77_f_13397 mart d35_77_h_13397 mart d35_77_hd_13397
mart d35_77_bb_13397 mart d35_77_b_13397 mart d35_77_n_13397 mart d35_77_bh_13397

1977 Martin D-35 Serial # 390153. Fishman 9 Volt Pickup. Small Repaired
Top Crack (see image) Finish Checking. Some Nicks and Dings. Recent
Deluxe Martin Hardshell Case. Wonderful. $2200.

mart 75_d35_bod_13290 mart 75_d35_f_13290 mart 75_d35_n_13290 mart 75_d35_h_13290
mart 75_d35_bb_13290 mart 75_d35_b_13290 mart 75_d35_t_13290 mart 75_d35_bh_13290

1975 Martin D-35 Serial # 356366. New Martin Pickguard. Shaved Saddle.
Redressed Frets. Few Nicks and Dings. Nice Original Hardshell Case.
Ready To Go! Just Amazing. $2100.

mart d18_bod_13164 mart d18_f_13164 mart d18_br_13164 mart d18_h_13164
mart d18_bb_13164 mart d18_b_13164 mart d18_heel_13164 mart d18_bh_13164

1973 Martin D-18 Serial #329684. Neck Reset By Mitchell's Guitar Parlor.
New Saddle./Pickguard. Bone Bridge Pins. Small Top Crack Repaied.
Finish Checking. 9 Volt Bridge Pickup. Nicks and Dings. Some Back Neck
Wear. Original Hardshell Case. Plays Great, Sounds Huge! $2,000.

tag 360_bod_12833 tak 360_f_12833 tak 360_h_12833
tak 360_bb_12833 tak 360_b_12833 tak 360_bh_12833

1981 Takamine Japan F-360 Flattop. Law Suit Era!
Solid Spruce Top. Rosewood Back and Sides. Added
Bridge PickUp. 9 Volt. Manual. Original Hardshell Case.
Nice Example! Plays It's Heart Out! $750.

tenor 6_bod_11941 tenor 6_f_11941 tenor 6_h_11941 tenor 6_c_11941
tenor 6__bb_11941 tenor 6_b_11941 tenor 6_bh_11941 tenor 6_br_11941
No Name 6 String Tenor Flattop. 1940's. Mahagony. X-Braced. Old Repaired
Top and Headstock Cracks. Nicks and Dings. Finish Checking. Old Period Soft Shell Case.
This thing drives me crazy! First One I've ever seen! $500.
gib mk35 bod 11717 gib mk35 f 11717 gib mk35 h 11717
gib mk35 b 11717 gib mk35 bb 11717 gib mk35 bh 11717
gib mk35 hole 11717 gib mk35 bbhole2 11717 gib mk35 bbhole1 11717
1975 Gibson MK-35 Flattop. Serial #301195. Nicks and Dings.
Natural Spruce Top. Mahogany Back and Sides. BB Gun Holes
Filled on sides...see pics....repair nicely done!
Who would shoot a guitar?
Original Hardshell Case. $750.
gib lg2 bod 11600 gib lg f 11600 gib lg h 11600 gib lg a 11600
gib lg2 bbod 11600 gib lg2 b 11600 gib lg bh 11600 gib lg heel 11600
gib lg2 n 11600 gib lg sh 11600 gib lg a 11600 gib lg2 bod 11600
1946 Gibson LG-2. Sunburst. New Bridge/ Bridge Plate/Bone Saddle. Nicks
and dings. Finish Checking. Original Tuners Rebuttoned. X-Braced. 3 Braces
Re-glued. Really Nice Case/Bag. This Baby is ready to go! Beautiful Sound.
I love it....$3300.
gretsch 75 bod 09284 gretsch 75 f 09284 gretsch  75 bbod 09284 gretsch 75 b 09284 gretsch 75 bw 09284 gretsch 75 h 09284 gretsch 75 bh 09284
1949 Gretsch Synchromatic 75. Serial # 2404. Sunburst. Pickguard Deteriorating 3 spots. Some nicks, dings, body wear. Spruce Top.
Hardshell Case. Amazing Condition for it's Age! Plays Nice too. $850.


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