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carvin vin16_f_13640 carvin vin16_b_1340

Carvin USA Vintage 16 Tube Combo. Recent. 12" Speaker. Reverb.
Tooled Western Tolex. Used 8 Hrs! Are they Still Making Amps?

fen must_f_13468 fen must_b_13468 fen must_p_13473

Fender Mustang 3V2 Solid State Recent Digital Effects. Amp Modeling. 12" Celestion Speaker.
Lot's of Stuff! $200.

vox lunch_f_13065 vox lunch_b_13065 vox lunch_c_13065

Vox Night Train Tube Amp. 15 Watts. Carry Case. This thing Kills Me! Kicks! $375.

weber 13049 weber b_13049

Weber 10" Alnico Vintage Series cabinet. 8 Ohm. Compact Beauty.

blues jr_f_12725 blues jr_b_12725 blues jr_p_12725

Fender Mexico Blues Jr. 15 Watts. Tube Reverb. 12" Speaker. Damn Great Little Buggers! $425.

marsh DSL40C_f_12694 marsh DSL40C_b_12694

2012 Marshall DSL40C Tube Combo. 40 Watts. 12" Celestian Speaker
2 Channel/ Reverb. Footswitch. Rocker! $500.

acjr f_09548 acjr b_09548

Fender USA Acoustasonic Jr. 2 Channel. Ripped Grill. $225.

carvin f_10498 carvin b_10498

Carvin 2X12" Celestian Vintag 30 Speaker Cabinet. G-123Option
Great Cab! $275.

peavey chorus_f_06696 peavey chorus_b_06696

Peavey Studio Chorus 70 Solid State Combo. 2X8"speakers.$225. HOLD

ampeg gvt_f_11754 ampeg gvt_b_11754

Ampeg Model GVT5H Head. Recent. Tube. 1)6V6 1)12AX7.2.5/5 Watts.
Switch. Just Perfect! $275.

peavey classic_50_f_12140 peavey classic_50_b_12140 peavey classic_50_p_12140

Peavey Classic 50 212 Tube Combo.Recent. 2x12" Speakers. Reverb. Footswitch. Manual. Clean. $475.

jet city_f_12282 jet city_b_12282 jet city_p_12282

Jet City (Soldano) Model JCA2RC Tube Combo.Reverb. 20 Watts. 12" Speaker. Real Clean. $375.

rocky f 05895 rocky b 05895

Sundown Rocky Tube Amp. Model R12S. 1980 ? 10" Speaker.
2 Channels. Different. $350.

sfx front 65572 sfx back 05572 sfx side 05572

Fender SFX Satellite. Late 1990's. Power Cabinet with Effects. 12" Speaker
Manual. Great Sound. Call For More Detail 61-847-2749. $350.

ecoustic front 05119 ecoustic back 05119

Peavey Ecoustic 112. Solidstate Acoustic/Electric Combo.
12” Coaxial speaker, reverb, 2 channels, Clean! $200



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