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mitch sb_bod_13256 mitch sb_f_13256 mitch sb_b_13256 martin sb_h_11948 mitch sb_h_13256

Mitchell Model M0120CESB. Acoustic/Electric. Recent. Sunburst. 9 volt Active Pickup. Tuner
Nicks and Dings. Ready To Go! $275.

takeg bod_12578 takeg f_12578 takeg h_12578
takeg bb_12578 takeg b_12578 takeg bh_12578
Takamine EG530SC. Semi-Recent. Acoustic Electric
Tk-40 Pickup System . 9 Volt. Solid Spruce Top.
Sapele Back and Sides. Few Nicks and Dings. New Hardshell
Case. Real Nice....$500.
mart BP_f_12745 martin BP_b_12745
Martin BackPacker Acoustic Electric.
Martin Gig Bag. Take A Hike! $200.
wash dk20_bod_12729 wash dk20_f_12729 wash dk20_h_12729
wash dk20_bb_12729 wash dk20_b_12729 wash dk20_bh_12729
Washburn Model DK20CET Acoustic Electric. Recent.
Spruce /Mahogany. WT-92 Pickup System. Few Nicks.
Washburn Gig-Bag. Sounds really Nice Plugged In! $250.
ar bod_12739 ar f_12739 ar h_12739
ar bb_12739 ar b_12739 ar bh_12739
Arts and Lutherie (Canada) "Wild Cherry" Flattop. Recent.
Cherry/Maple/Rosewood. Few Nicks. Hardshell Case.
Woody Tone. $225.
eastman bod_12555 eastman f_12555 eastman h_12555
eastman bb_12555 eastman bh_12555 eastman b_12555
Eastman EIOP Parlor Guitar. Recent. Sunburst. Solid woods.
12 Freat /Slot Head. Few Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell
Case. Damn Nice L'il Guitar! $900.
ES ac_bod_12322 ES ac_f_12322 ES ac_h_12322 ES ac_head_12322
ES ac_bb_12322 ES ac_b_12322 ES ac_d_12322 ES ac_bh_12322

2007 ES Flattop. Acoustic/Electric. #05. Made By Brent Gilliam, Washington, NJ.
Deep 000 Size. Ebony Neck/Bridge. Spruce Top. Rosewood Back and Sides.
Fishman Pickup System. Grover Tuners. Finish Clouds. Nicks and Dings.
Hardshell Case. Not many made but Really, Really Special. I Love it as much
as My Best Martin! $900.

ibanez perf_bod_12064 ibanez perf_f_12064 ibanez perf_h_12064
ibanez perf_bb_12064 ibanez perf_b_12064 ibanez perf_bh_12064
2002 Ibanez Performance Acoustic/Electric. Natural
Model PF5CE. Fishman AEQ Pickups System. Nicks and
Dings. Gig-Bag. It's ready to roll....$175.
martin sb_bod_11948 martin sb_f_11948 martin sb_h_11948
martin sb_bb_11948 martin sb_b_11948 martin sb_bh_11948
1999 Martin Custom Flattop. Customer Ordered. D-35 Body.
SUNBURST! Wide C Neck. Nut=1 7/8". Serial # 686554.
Few Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell Case. Amazing.
tak 330 bod 11251 tak 330 f 11251 tak 330 h 11251
tak 330 bbod 11251 tak 330 b 11251 tak 330 bh 11251
Takamine GS-330S Flattop. Solid Spruce Top. Nicks and
Dings. Nice Gig-Bag. She Aged Well, Cannot Date. $275.

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