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This is a page of Random stuff. It's stuff ! its here! thus the "where the hell"..
A long running page/tradition here at the Guitarbarn! - You can click on small images now and enlarge it!


yam piano_f_12917 yam piano_k_12917

Yamaha Model TDP-101 Digital Piano. 88 keys. Stereo/Mono Outputs.
Midi in/out . All In Fine Working Order. Killer Sound. Pick Up Only.
Great For A Studio! $600. Click to Larger Image

elvis 10336

1984 Elvis Toy Guitar in Original Package...Made In USA....LOL. MINT
Lapin Products. Asbury Park NJ. $75.
darmaond t 10158 darmond b 10158
D'Armond Model 210 Pickup Soundhole Mount.Early 1960's. Volume Control. 6 Poles. Click on to really Blow Up!
I Remember These! $200.
shureuni 10080
Shure Unisphere A PE-585 Microphone.
High Impedence. Late 1960's. Cord. Clip
Case. $60

ampro mic 01590

Shure made Ampro Microphone "No. 100"  $60.

BGW 250D stereo power amp- rack mount, clean, quiet and accurate sounding.
Perfect for driving a nice pair of studio monitors.

guitar paint front 6565 guitar paint inside 6565
Guitar Paint Kit - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! Made in Japan back in the 1960's Go figure? $40! CRAZY!

Gibson Cataloge 1978 cover 2869 Gibson Cataloge 1978 Pauls 2869 Gibson Cataloge 1978 Thins 2869
1978 Gibson Guitar Catalog. 29 Pages of Gibson History, Norlin era $100

Gibson Cataloge Front 2870 Gibson Cataloge Guitar 2870 Gibson Cataloge  Open 2870

Gibson Catalogue...1966..."Mint Condition"....All There...Guitars, Amps, Basses, Banjos,

Mandolins, Beautiful Photography and Descriptions.... 48 pages... $ 175.
Zilgin BuddyRich Banner 3484
1970's Zildjian Buddy Rich Banner - $100

audio logic front 5604

Audio Logic USA MT66 Stereo Compressor Limiter. $125

gemini front 5602
Gemini DS-2024 Digital Sampler. $85

rapco cable dr 7701

Rapco Cable Doctor. CD-100. Original Box. $40