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Karl's List

Karl's List, a famous list, check it, cross check it & then double check it!
There are some gear slang terms in here - if you know gear, you'll figure it out.
Keep in mind this is only my written word list. Everything here is photographed with
a full description under it's rescpective catagory.

Last updated: January 22 2018


13624      ESP Series 400 'Strat" Early 1980's. Owned and Played By Kid Bangham
                Of "The Fabulous Thunderbirds" See Pics, Stickers and Tags. I purchased
                Her From The Kid in 1994. I have Not Changed A Thing. No Need To!
                Serial # 01093. Yellowed Pearl White!!! Fender Bridge Assembly. Van Zandt
                Bridge Pickup. Nicks/Dings. 2 Hardshell Cases, One Beat to Death That She
                Came in, and a ESP Case Purchased 1 Month later. I love Her! $1500. Firm.

13591      1953 Epiphone Zephyr Regent Deluxe. Natural. Serial # 64280. 17"
                Hollowbody. 2 New York Pick Ups. New and repaired Multiple Bindings.
                1 Slight Separated Binding Spot on Upper Bout. See Pics. Missing Pick
                Guard. Old Heel Screw. Nicks and Dings. Rissue Knobs. Play And Fret Wear.
                No Buzzing. Very Playble and Sweet Sounding....$ 2300.

13569      Regal Tenor No-Name Archtop. Late 1930's Dark Sunburt Spruce Top with Old Repair Top
                Crack. DARK Brown Maple Back and Sides. Grover Open Back Tuners. Arched Back. Newer
                Pickguard. Roadworn and very COOL! Plays Beautiful! $500.  

13442     1974 Martin D-18 Serial # 339511. Purchased and Played By Bobby Clancy
                of "The Clancy Brothers"  From Ireland. Bobby Took it to Martin Factory For
                a Refret in 1999. See Paperwork. At This Time Martin Issued A New Warranty

                Card. Lot's of Roadwear, Nicks and Dings, Buckel Rash. Letters From Martin,
                Clancy Family and Previous Owners. Fishman 9 Volt Active Pickups and Bone
                Saddle Installed By Dan McClusky 2 years ago. Genius Work. Original Hardshell
                Case. A Great Peice of History That is Ready To Go! $2200.


13424      1957 Gretsch Streamliner. Model 6189. Serial #26690. Bamboo Yellow
                Top. Copper Mist Back/Sides. New Gretsch Bridge. Finish Checking.
                Nicks/ Dings. Headstock Sides "Recovered" To Cover Paint Blems.
                Deluxe Martin Hardshell Case/One Broken Latch. Plays AWESOME. $2,000.


13397       1977 Martin D-35 Serial # 390153. Fishman 9 Volt Pickup. Small Repaired
                 Top Crack (see image) Finish Checking. Some Nicks and Dings. Recent
                 Deluxe Martin Hardshell Case. Wonderful. $2200.

13330      1966-1967 Gibson Melody Maker. Serial #700989 Inverness Green over Pelham Blue (Factory)
                Nice Finish Checking. Added Jason Lollar Pickguard with Lollar Melody Maker P-90 Pickup!!
                Short Vibrato Tailpeice. Original Softshell Case. Extremely Cool. $1200.

13300     1968 Fender Mustang Serial # 221338. Neck Date 16NOV68B. Yellowed
                Olympic White. Finish Checking. Bridge Cover. Hang Tag. Nicks Dings.
                E-Z-Pak Hardshell Case! Nice Original Condition $1600.

13290      1975 Martin D-35 Serial # 356366. New Martin Pickguard. Shaved Saddle.
                Redressed Frets. Few Nicks and Dings. Nice Original Hardshell Case.
                Ready To Go! Just Amazing. $2100.

13228     1967 Ampeg AEB-1 Scroll Bass. Serial # 474. Redburst.
                Solid Repaired Headstock (see pic) Sliding Mute. Finger Rest.
                Finish ckecking. Nicks and Dings. Original Gig-Bag! Be Careful With The Zipper.
                Coolness. $3,000. 

113184    1962 Epiphone Century Model E422T. Serial #55311
                 Royal Burgandy. 1 PickUp. Missing Guard/ Tone Knob
                "Tone" Insert. Nice Fingered Top. Nicks and Dings.
                 Finish Checking. New Epiphone Haedshell Case. Really Nice.

13164     1973 Martin D-18 Serial #329684. Neck Reset By Mitchell's Guitar Parlor.
                New Saddle./Pickguard. Bone Bridge Pins. Small Top Crack Repaied.
                Finish Checking. 9 Volt Bridge Pickup. Nicks and Dings. Some Back Neck
                Wear. Original Hardshell Case. Plays Great, Sounds Huge! $2,000.

12949     Harmony Montclair. Model H956. 1960's Black. D'Armond
               Pickup System. Gretsch Bridge. Some Nicks, Dings and
               Stratches. Large Gig_bag. Very Cooool! $400.

12833     1981 Takamine Japan F-360 Flattop. Law Suit Era!
               Solid Spruce Top. Rosewood Back and Sides. Added
               Bridge PickUp. 9 Volt. Manual. Original Hardshell Case.
               Nice Example! Plays It's Heart Out! $750.

12495     1977 Guild S-300D. Yellowed White. Serial # 165261
               Stock DiMarzio Pickups. Phase Switch. Ebony Fretboard.
               Nicks and Dings. Gibson Gig-Bag. Rock'N Roll Machine

12308     Wem England Sapphire. 1964-1968. Serial # 11976. Sunburst. 2 PickUps.
               4 Position Selector. Kill Switch. Some Finish Checking. Few Nicks and Dings.
               Levy GigBag. Very Cool! $900.

12207     1968 Gibson ES-335 Cherry Sunburst. Serial # 525256. Dimarzio USA Pickups.
               Coil Taps. Converted To Stop Tail Piece. New Gibson Deluxe Tuners and Knobs.
               Some Nicks, Dings and Buckle Rash. Hardshell Case. Great Vintage Player Piece!

12079     1972 Guild Jetstar JS-II Bass. Serial # 71064. Refin Black.
               Gibson Knobs. Couple Nicks and Dings. Ibanez Hardshell
               Case. THUNDER! $550.

11717      1975 Gibson MK-35 Flattop. Serial #301195. Nicks and Dings.
                Natural Spruce Top. Mahogany Back and Sides. BB Gun Holes
                Filled on sides...see pics....repair nicely done!
                Who would shoot a guitar?
                Original Hardshell Case. $750.

11600      1946 Gibson LG-2. Sunburst. New Bridge/ Bridge Plate/Bone Saddle. Nicks and Dings. Finish Checking.
                Original Tuners Rebuttoned. X-Braced. 3 Braces Re-glued.
                Really Nice Case/Bag. This Baby is ready to go!
                Beautiful Sound.
                I love it....$3300.

11575     1966 Harmony Silhouette/ Bob Kat. Model H-14. One Rowe Pickup. Sunburst. Changed Bridge.
               Nicks and Dings. Original Softshell Case. Great Pickup! $325.

11377     1959 Gibson ES-330TN. Slimline. Hollow Body. Optional Natural Finish. Maple
               Factory Order # S101711. 1 P-90 Pickup. Only One of 165 Made In 1959-1960!
               Few Nicks and Dings. Replaced Nickel Trapeze Hinge Plate and Strap Button with
               Gibson Metal Strap Button.
               See Pic of Bag of Replaced Parts Included.
               Original Gator Softshell Case. Rosewood Board on
               Mahogany Neck. Oh My....$6000.       

10019    Teisco Japan ET-200. 1962. sb. 2 pu's. no trem arm. nicks/dings. nc. $250.

09284    Gretsch Synchromatic 75. 1949. sb. hsc. SEE PICS. $850.

08895    Harmony Archtop. D'Armond pu. late '40's. dk sb. sc. $375.

08819    Hagstrom MDL 1. 1965? plastic top. red. 2 pu's. nicks/dings. tunamatic br. ohsc. $800.

08144    Kimberly Japan Violin Bass. late '60's. sb. 2 pu. osc. $375.

6765     Vox Tornado. Italy. 1965-67. sb. finish checking. orig. polish cloth. osc. CLEAN. $700.


13550       1969 Guild Thunderstar Bass Amp Head/Cabinet. 40-45 Watts
                 2)6L6's  2)Preamp Tubes. EVM15B 15" Speakers. 8 Ohms.
                 Wheels. Pickup Only. Really Nice! $750.

13473      1964 Ampeg Supereverb Model R-15-R. Reverb/Tremelo/Footswitch.
                Jensen C15N Speaker. Pretty Rare and CLEAN! $850.HOLD

13394       Ampeg Rocket 2 Model GS-12. 1965-1968. Tremelo. Replaced Tubes. 12" Eminence. Legend Speaker.
                 Footswitch. Real Nice! $600.

13384     1970 Ampeg Gemini Model GV-22. Re-tubed. 33Watts RMS. Footswitch. 2x12" CTS Speakers.
                Reverb. (Tremelo/ Vibrato not working) Cool Cover. Manual. Pick up Only. Really Strong! $500.

13208     1963 Danelectro Centurion. Model 275. 2 Channels. Rever/Tremelo. 12" Jensen Speaker.
                Changed Back Plate. Classic Cool. $450.

13061     Kustom Challenger Model Chall. 1973-75. Solid State Combo. 25 Watts. Reverb/Tremelo. 12" Pyle
               Speaker. Cover. Great Shape! Surfs Up! $300.

12921    1973 Acoustic 150 SS Head. Reverb/Tremelo/Manual/Footswitch.
               3 Prong AC Cord. 1974 Acoustic 105 4x12" Speaker Cabinet. 8 Ohm.
               Removable Castors. CLEAN! Serviced By Nortron. Pick Up Only.
               Warn Your Neighbors and Invest in Ear Plugs! $400. For The Pair.

12828     1964 Ampeg R-12R-B Reverb/Tremelo/ Footswitch. 2)7591A Power Tubes. New Handle.
               Celestion Vintage 30 12" Speakers. 80 Ohm. 3 Prong Adaptor. Serviced. Real Strong! $700.

12483    1982 Legend Model A-30. 2 Channels. Reverb. Painted Black over Oak...now stripped and Antiqued!
              12" Eminence Speaker. Footswitch. Manual. Solid State / Tube. Killer! $300.

11838     Rickenbacker Electro E-12 Tube Combo. Circa 1966. Brown Tolex.
               Tremelo. Serial # 2490. 1961 Jensen C12R Speaker. Tubes =
               1) 6V6 1) 5Y3 2) 12 AX7. Cool Little Amp! $450.

11167     1950 Oahu Tonemaster Tube Combo Model 230K (DBS) 12" Jensen Speaker. Re-capped. 3 Prong AC Cord.
               Tubes: 2)6V6  1)5Y3  1) 6L7 1)12AY7. Love The Logo Back Lighting! Awesomeness. $500.

11025     Oahu Tone Master. Tube Amp. Model 230K.
               1947-1948. 10" Field Coil Speaker. Cover.
               Missing Top Back Panel. Tubes = 2)6V6's
               1)5Y3 1)6SC7 1) 6SL7. Classic $400.

10980    1962 National Val-Verb Tube Combo. Model 1260. Reverb. New Handle
              2) 1965 10" Jensen Goldbacks Speakers. 3) 6973 Tubes. 1)5Y3 Tube.
              3) 6EU7 Tubes. 3 Prong Cord. Ya don't see many of these! $900.

10666    Supro Model S6606 Circa 1968. Small Tube Combo. 8" Speaker. CLEAN.
              3 Prong AC Cord. 1 each: 6V6/12AX7/5Y3 Tubes. Kinda Champish! $400.

10545    Premier Club Bass B-160 Custom. Circa 1965. 15-20 Watts. 15" Eminence Speaker. 3 Prong Ac Cord.
              New Handle. Killer Guitar Amp! $600.

10340    Challenger Model CH-18. Circa 1947. 2 Independent Channels. Master Tone
              Selector. 2 6L6G Power Tubes. Approx 12 watts. Super Clean and COOL! $350.

10328    Marlboro USA G-50R Solid State Combo. Mis 1970's. 2X10" Speakers.
              Quadro-Sound Blender! Reverb/Tremelo/ Vibrato/ Echo. $125.
              Interesting take on the effects! Must Hear.

10282    Masco Sound Systems. Model MA-8N. Early 1940's. Head and 10" Speaker Cabinet.
              Replaced Caps. Fat Switch Channel. Regular Channel. Reconditioned by Nortron.
              Tubes: One of each... 6L6, 5Y3,6SJ7,6SF5  COOOOLNESS! $350.

10215    Rickenbacker M-8E Tube Combo. Circa 1958. Serial # A8167. 8" Jensen Speaker.
              Very "Champ" Like! $400.

06030   Danelectro MDL 89 D Challenger Tube Combo. 1955?  Tremelo. Painted WHITE. $575.

00808   Gretsch Dual Playboy Tube Combo.1968. 2x12" Jensens reconed. trem. 35W. $550.

3931     Gibson GSS-100 Head..ss..100 watt..1966-67..no ftsw..reverb/trem/no vib.$200.



13523      Epiphone Les paul Standard Bass L.E. Late 1990"s Vintage Sunburts Flametop. 2 Pickups. Set Neck.
                Few Nicks and Dings. New Epiphone Gig Bag. Beauty! $500.

13511      Michael Kelly Jazz Box. (Model Unknown) Recent. Sunburst.
                1 Pickup. Hollow Body. Gold Hardware. Flamey Back./Sides
                A Beauty! $450.

13502      Epiphone Sheraton 2NA Semi-Reecent. Natural. Gold Hardware. Semi-Hollow MINOR Fretwear.
                Some nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell Case with Repairs. She's Ready $400.

13492     2012 Fender USA American Deluxe Stratocaster. Tungsten.
                N3 Noiseless Pickups. S1 Swithch. Nick, Dings. Strap and
                Straploks. Original Hardshell Case. Nice Series Guitar.
                $950.or plus Shipping.

43483     Charvel Desolation Skatecaster Model SK-ST. recent. Brown Flametop.EMG 9 Volt Pickups.
               MINOR Fretwear. Few Nicks and Dings. Gig-Bag. KICKS! $275.

13256      Mitchell Model M0120CESB. Acoustic/Electric. Recent. Sunburst. 9 volt Active Pickup. Tuner
                Nicks and Dings. Ready To Go! $275.

13200      1997 Fender USA Jazz Bass Deluxe. Inca Silver. 9 Volt Active EQ.
                Some Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell case. Killer. $925.

13155      2010 Squire Standard Telecaster. Blonde. Fender Tuners.
                Nicks and Dings. Fender Deluxe Gig Bag. Excellent Player

13133      Peavey USA Fury Bass. Black. 1983-99. Jackson Pickups.
                Nicks/Dings/ Scratches/ Softshell Case. Ready To Rock!

13126      Conover Custom Epiphone Les Paul Custom. 3 Pickups.
                Black/ Gold. 9.2 lbs. Bone Nut. 3 volumes/one tone control.
                Neck position Push/Pull tap. Gibson USA Inserts In tailpeice.
                Tone Pros Locking Tailpeice. 1950's wiring. Strap Loks.
                Frets Leveled/Crowned. Nick/Dings. TKL Hardshell Case.
                Signed by Zakk Wylde. SMOOTHE! $650.

13126     Conover Custom Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Sunburst.
               Bone Nut. Frets Leveled/Crowned. First Generation
               PAF BADASS Bridge. 1950's wiring. Nicks /Dings .
               Fender Gig Bag. Mucho Better Now....$300.

13111        Conover Customn (Dillion) LP/SG Jr. Cherry. 6.1pds.
                 Humcanceling Fralin P-90 Pick Up. Headstock Reshaped
                 and Painted. All Logos Added. 70's Gibson Knobs. CTS Pots.
                 Bone Nut. Klusen Tuners. Gibson Anchors/Tone Pros
                 Locking Studs. Nickel Plated Aluminum Tailpeice. Few Nicks.
                 Epi Hardshell Case. One Of A Kind By Ed Conover.
                 This Thing drives me crazy. $650.

13051        2012 Squire Thinline Telecaster. Black. Duncan Design
                  Pickups. Some Nicks and Dings. Fender Gig-Bag. $250.

13030       Epiphone Dot Studio. Worn Brown. Semi-Recent.
                 Semi-Hollow. CLEAN! Few minor Nicks and Scrtaches.
                 Original Hardshell Case. Ready To Rip! $300.

4159         Eden Lefty "Strat" Body. Black. 1 piece Alder. Copper
                 Shielded. Fender Block/Bridge. Pickguard/Back Plate/
                 Strap Loks. $125.

13003      "Gatton Tele" Parts Guitar. Butterscotch. Ash Body....Squire? Eden Maple Neck.
                 Fender Bridge. JBE Style Pickups. Nice Graphics. Buckle Rash. Nicks and Dings.
                  Fender Molded Hardshell Case. Spankin! $650.   

12943     Conover Custom "Mary Kaye Esquire" Trans Ash Body
               Dimarzio Humbuckers/Coil Tap. /Fender Floyd Bridge.
               Ebony Fretboard. Grover Alice In Wonderland Neck Plate.
               TKL Hardshell Case. Awesome Customn By Ed Conover

12925     2012 Gibson USA Les Paul Studio Faded. Worn Ebony
               CTS Pots. Few Nicks and Dings. Great Shape. Gibson
               Hardshell Case. Hot Pickups! $725.

 12897    Ibanez Artcore AS-7 2007? Trans Cherry. Some Nicks and Dings. Gibson Burstbucker
              Pickups. Wings Gig Bag. Ready To Fly! $350.

12891    Ibanez Japan RD707 Bass. 1977? Tangerine! 2 Pickups.
              Serial # F736873. Nicks and Ding. Original Hardshell Case.
              Player! $350.

12868    1995 Fender Mexico James Burton Telecaster.
              Candy Apple Red. Duncan Rail Pickup. Twisted
              Tele Pickup. Minor Fret Wear. Some Nicks and Dings.
              Fender Molded Hardshell Case. Ready To Go! $575.

12802    Epiphone Thunderbird Pro Bass. Recent. 9 Volt Active.
              Natural Oil Finish. Added Strap Button. Original Hardshell
              Case. Monster! $475.

12786    2003 Fender (Mexico) 5 String Jazz Bass. Cream.
              Strung With High B Now! Few Nicks. Fender Gig-Bag.
              Lot's Of Fun! $350.

12578    Takamine EG530SC. Semi-Recent. Acoustic Electric
              Tk-40 Pickup System . 9 Volt. Solid Spruce Top.
              Sapele Back and Sides. Few Nicks and Dings. New Hardshell
              Case. Real Nice....$500.

12745    Martin BackPacker Acoustic Electric.
              Martin Gig Bag. Take A Hike! $200.

12729    Washburn Model DK20CET Acoustic Electric. Recent.
              Spruce /Mahogany. WT-92 Pickup System. Few Nicks.
              Washburn Gig-Bag. Sounds really Nice Plugged In! $250.

12739    Arts and Lutherie (Canada) "Wild Cherry" Flattop. Recent.
              Cherry/Maple/Rosewood. Few Nicks. Hardshell Case.
              Woody Tone. $225.

12698   1989 Paul Reed Smith CE24. Maple Top. Serial # 971180
             Cherry Sunburst Flametop. Spertzels. Nicks and Dings.
             Missing Back Plate. MINOR Fret Wear. Original Hardshell
             Case. Simple and So Sweet! $1300.

12655  Conover Custom "Strat 65er" Cream White. Maple Slab
            Neck. Bone Nut. 2 Piece Ash Body. 2nd Generation Floyd
            Rose. Dimarzio PAF Bridge Pickups. "F" Speaced.Fender
            57/62 Middle Pickup. 70's Dimarzio Fat Strat Neck Pickup.
            Master Volume/Tone Controls. Bridge To Neck Control.
            (Tele Sound) Custom Output Cup.Gator Hardshell Case.
            Push Pull Coil Tap. $750.   Screamer!

12555   Eastman EIOP Parlor Guitar. Recent. Sunburst. Solid woods.
             12 Freat /Slot Head. Few Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell
             Case. Damn Nice L'il Guitar! $900.

12566    EpiphoneSwingster. Limited Edition. Recent. Orange.
              Cool Bigsby. Spruce Top. Flame Maple Back and Sides.
              Push/ Pull Tone Controls. Optional Pickguard. Original
              Hardshell Case with Candy. Few Nicks and Dings.
              Twang city! $700.

12523    2009 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe. Sunburst.
              Push Pull Coil Taps. Few Nicks and Dings. Original
              Hardshell Case. Ready To Rock and Roll! $1250.

12398   2004 Squier Telecaster Custom P90. Black. Duncan Designed
             Pickups. Nicks and Dings. Fender Gig bag. Cool Geet! $250.

12322    2007 ES Flattop. Acoustic/Electric. #05. Made By Brent Gilliam, Washington, NJ.
              Deep 000 Size. Ebony Neck/Bridge. Spruce Top. Rosewood Back and Sides.
              Fishman Pickup System. Grover Tuners. Finish Clouds. Nicks and Dings.
              Hardshell Case. Not many made but Really, Really Special. I Love it as much
              as My Best Martin! $900..

12064     2002 Ibanez Performance Acoustic/Electric. Natural
               Model PF5CE. Fishman AEQ Pickups System. Nicks and
               Dings. Gig-Bag. It's ready to roll....$175.

12025     Epiphone Korea EBM4 Bass. 1990's. Trans Cherry. Gold
               Hardware. 9 Voly, Active Tone. Nicks and Scratches.
               Wings Gig-Bag. Very Cool! $350.

11948   1999 Martin Custom Flattop. Customer Ordered. D-35 Body.
             SUNBURST! Wide C Neck. Nut=1 7/8". Serial # 686554.
             Few Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell Case. Amazing.

11905    Aria Pro II Fullerton. 1995-2000. Sunburst. Some Nicks
              and Dings. Cort Gig Bag. Nice Guitar. $200.

11688    2009 Gibson Custom Shop '58 Les Paul. Model LPR8F VOS. Serial # CR89007
              Chambered. 6.8lbs! Chunky Neck. COA. Lite Flame. Cherry Sunburst. Nickel Hardware.
              Burst Bucker Pickups. Neck=7.5K / Bridge=7.9K. Original Hardshell Case
              with Candy!. Oh My....$3100.

11567    Fernandez Japan "60's Strat". 1980's Black. Large Headstock. Nicks and Dings. Fender Gig Bag.
             Neet Geet! $350.

11310    2012 Schecter Star Gazer 12 String. White/Black Guards.
             Coil Taps. Strap-Loks. Original Hardshell Case. Shazam!

11251    Takamine GS-330S Flattop. Solid Spruce Top. Nicks and
              Dings. Nice Gig-Bag. She Aged Well, Cannot Date. $275.

11210    1986 Fender Japan '60's Stratocaster Reissue. Classic Series.
              Candy Apple Red. Under Pickguard was Neatly Routed For
              Clapton Boost Circuit which was Removed. 9 Volt Battery Holder
              On Back Body. Fender USA Highway 1 Pickups. Nicks, Dings....
              See Back Head Stock. Plays AWESOME! $550.

11071    2009 Fender USA Highway 1 Stratocaster. Sunburst Satin
              Laquer Finish. Texas Special Pickups. Some Nicks and Dings
              if you look hard! MBT Hardshell Case. Great Tone! $700.

10934     Gretsch (Korea) Traveling Wilburys Model TW-100.
               1988-1990. One of 6 Variations. No Case. Too Strange! $250.

10888     2002 Squire Rolling Rock Telecaster Standard. 20th Anniversary Green Metallic. Fender Gig-Bag.

10858     2005 Gibson Les Paul SG Standard Authentic Serial # 01785698. Cherry.
               One Piece Mahogany Body. Few Nicks. Original Hardshell Case. Truely Nice!
               Nickel Hardware. $2000.

08213     Fender Japan JD Telecaster. 1990's. Sunburst. Gene Parson's Installed B-Bender. Bill Keath D-Tuner.Some Nicks/
               Dings. Fender Gig-Bag (Hard to Find A Hardshell to Fit Because of the D-Tuner on Back Of Head Stock)
               Just Awesome. $1800.             

10418    1995Fender Mexico Stratocaster. blonde. Minor Finish Wear. Pickguard Scratches.
               Signed by Reggie McBride, Bonnie Raitt, Keb'Mo'. Tour Gidbag. Plays Nice. $300.Hold

09323    Epiphone LP. 1996. purple sparkle. Customized! Les Paul turned Duo Jet. ohsc. SEE PICS. $750.



13640      Carvin USA Vintage 16 Tube Combo. Recent. 12" Speaker. Reverb.
                Tooled Western Tolex. Used 8 Hrs! Are they Still Making Amps?

06696      Peavey Studio Chorus 70 Solid State Combo. 2X8"speakers.$225. HOLD

13561       Peavey TNT 130 1X15" Solis State Bass Amp Combo. With Peavey HB500 2x10" with Horn Powered
                 Cabinet. 1990's Crossover cables. Boom! $350 For the Rig!

13468      Fender Mustang 3V2 Solid State Recent Digital Effects. Amp Modeling. 12" Celestion Speaker.
                 Lot's of Stuff! $200.

13056      Vox Night Train Tube Amp. 15 Watts. Carry Case. This thing Kills Me! Kicks! $375.

13049      Weber 10" Alnico Vintage Series cabinet. 8 Ohm. Compact Beauty.

12832     2013 Peavey Max 112 Solid State Bass Amp.
              12" Speaker. Tuner.
               Solid. $225.

12725     Fender Mexico Blues Jr. 15 Watts. Tube Reverb. 12" Speaker. Damn Great Little Buggers! $425..

12348    Gallien Kruger USA 400 RD112 Solid State Bass Combo. 240 Watts.
              12" Eminence Delta 8 Ohm Speaker. KICKS! $300.

12282   Jet City (Soldano) Model JCA2112RC Tube Combo. Reverb. 20 Watts. 12" Speaker. Real Clean and Nice! $375.

12138   Peavey Classic 50 212 Tube Combo. Recent. 2x12"Speakers. Reverb. Footswitch. Manual. Clean. Mean. $475.

11754    Ampeg Model GVT5H Head. Recent. Tube. 1) 6V6. 1) 12AX7. 2.5/5 Watt
              Switch. Kicks and is Really Just Perfect! $275.

11182     Hartke B150 Small Solid State Bass Combo.15 Watts. 8" Speaker. $75.

10498     Carvin 2x12" Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker Cabinet G-123 Option. Great Cab!

10213    Gallien Krueger Back Line Cabinet. 4x10" Speakers.8 Ohm. Wheels. Clean. $350.

10203    Carvin USA Pro Bass Head. Solid State. X-Over. Clean. $350.

09548    Fender USA Acoustasonic Jr. 2 chan. ripped grill. $225

05895    Sundown Rocky Tube Amp. MDL R12S. 1980? 2 chan. 10" spkr. $350.

05572    Fender SFX Satellite. late '90's. powered cab/efx. 12" spkr. manual. $350.

05119    Peavey Ecoustic 112. SS Acoustic/Electric Combo. 12” Coaxial SPKR. Rev. 2 Chan. $200.

05071    Trace Elliot Model GP7SM130. SS Bass Combo. EQ. 15” $450.    

05280    Peavey Combo 115 ss bass amp. 15" spkr. EQ. wheels. $350. 

3169      Gallien Krueger 1x15" bass cab...8 ohm...wheels...clean...$300.


13642       1939 Gibson EH-100 Lapsteel. Serial # EGE-2769. Sunburst.
                 White Rectangular Pickup. Newer Kluson Deluxe Tuners.
                 Nicks/Dings/Scratches. Origianl Hardshell Case. Pretty Clean!
                 Strong Tone! $800.                                                        

12673     Rickenbacher Model BD Lapsteel. Circa 1949. Bakelite White Panels. Couple Fret MarkerDots Missing.
               Nicks and Dings. L'il Beat Original Hardshell Case. Strong! $950.

12074     1949 National Chicagoan Lapsteel. # V23245. Grey M.O.T.S.
               Metal Hand rest. Cord. Some Nicks and Dings. Super Nice!
               Original Hardshell Case. $500.

11098      Electromuse Lapsteel. 1940's. Wood Body. Nicks and Dings. Original Hardshell
                Case. Strong Pickup! Love this little bugger...$225.

10066     Epiphone Hawaiian Coronet Lapsteel. 1939-1940. Black. Nicks and Dings.
               New Cord. Repaired Original Soft Case. Strong! $500.

09353     Magnatone Lap/Amp Set. early '50's. black MOTS. osc. $500.

09336     Aloha Lapsteel. late '40's. cast aluminum. hsc. $950.

08959     Dickerson/Magnatone Lapsteel. late'40's. GREEN MOTS!. beat osc. $275.

05411     Gibson BR9 Lap Steel. mid 1950's. rebuttoned. changed knobs. ohsc. CLEAN. $575.

6408       The Mason Lap Steel. 1950's Sea Foam Green. Osc. Rebuttoned. Otherwise All Original.
               Never Seen One Like It!  Too Cool. Sounds Great. $600.

6390       Silvertone (Kay) Lap Steel. '40's. dark sb. rebuttoned. nc. $250.



13316     Sekova Japan FA-11 Fuzz Pedal. Late 1960's Chrome. 9 volt. Clean $150

13315     Foxx Fuzz & Wa & Volume Pedal.1974-1978.  9 Volt. Raucous! $225

12289    Boss RE- 20 Roland Space Echo RE-201 Pedal. Ac Adaptor. Box/Manual. As- New.$250.

12051     Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Re-Issue. Analog Man #808 Mod. $100.

11774     GNI (Brazil) Fuzz Tortion Pedal. 9 Volt. $100.

11685      Palmer (Germany) Hurrigain Overdrive Pedal. Box.
               As New. $100

11684      Carl Martin Vintage Series Classic Flange. Recent. Box.       
               As New. $120.  

11478     Fullertone Deja Vibe. Model MDV-2. AC Adaptor, Original Box. Manual. Bridge of Sighs. $325.

10877     Ibanez AD-80 Analog Delay Pedal. 1980-1981. 18 Volts. $225.

10879     Foxx Wa Machine Pedal. 1971-1978. 9 Volt. $150.

10881     Musitronics Mu-tron Phasor Pedal. 1974-76. AC. $375.

10552     Dunlop JH-F1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal. Box. $100.

10556     Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal. Box. $165.

10553     Digitech PDA 1002 Two Second Didital Delay Pedal. $125.

10133     Maestro Fuzz-Tone. Model FZ-1A 1965-67.1 AA Battery.       
               2nd Version. 2 Changed Components. $350.                                                                                                          

09960     Homebrew Electronics Three Hound Chorus PDL. box. $160.

09959     Metal Pedals JH-3 OD PDL. box. $185.

09958     Boss DD-3 Digital Delay PDL. box. $90.

09914     DeltaLab T01 Tube Overdrive PDL.Box. $40.

09913     Ibanez SD9M Sonic Distortion Mod. PDL. $70.

09536     Way Huge Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator PDL. 9V. $100.

08948     Tech 21 Sansamp PSA-1. rm. $225.

08681     Dunlop CAE Wah PDL. MDL MC-404. Dual Fasel. box. $125..

05666     ADA Flanger Pedal. late '70's. $300.

05665     Supro Stereo Converter. 1960. $225.

4475       Keeley Java Boost PDL..$175.

3954       MXR Phase 90 PDL..late '70's..box..manual..sticker..Real Clean!..$195.

3425       Line 6 Tone Core Space Chorus pdl...box...$85.

2491       Danelectro Daddy-O overdrive PDL...box...manual...$60.

Where the Hell did I get this stuff?????



12917     Yamaha Model TDP-101 Digital Piano. 88 keys. Stereo/Mono Outputs.
               Midi in/out . All In Fine Working Order. Killer Sound. Pick Up Only.
               Great For A Studio! $600. 

10336    Elvis Toy Guitar. 1984. Mint $75.

10158    D'Armond Model 210 Pickup Soundhole Mount.Early 1960's. Volume Control. 6 Poles.$200.

10080   Shure Unisphere A. PE-585. mic. high impedence. late 60's. cord/clip/case. $60.

7701     Rapco Cable Doctor. CD-100. Original Box. $40.

5602     Gemini DS-2024 Digital Sampler. rm. $85

03846   Viscount (Italy) D9E. Hammond Sound Module. MIDI. Manual. $275.

01590    Ampro mic No. 100. (Shure). $60.

6565      Guitar Paint. Japan, 12 Water Colours. Unopened. 1960's? Crazy! $40.

3484      Zilgian "Buddy Rich" Banner...1970's...$100.

2869      Gibson Catalogue (Norlin)...1978...Very Good Condition...Electric Guitars and Basses
              29 pages...beautiful Photos and Description... $ 100.            
5604      Audio Logic USA MT66 Stereo Compressor Limiter. rm. $125.

2870      Gibson Catalogue...1966..."Mint Condition"....All There...Guitars, Amps, Basses, Banjos,
              Mandolins, Beautiful Photography and Descriptions.... 48 pages... $ 175.

2019      BGW 250D stereo power amp rack mount …$300. 


12878    1925 Martin A Mandolin. Serial #11925. Spruce Top. Mahogany Back
               and Sides. Nicks and Dinds. "Reconditioned" Soft Shell Case. Sweet.
               Tight. Amazing. $775.

12450   1907 Gibson A1 Mandolin. "Pumkin Top" Serial # 6527
              Few nicks and dings. Original Hardshell Case. Very Good
              Condition. Really Sweet Good VOLUME! 1500.

11450   Favilla (NewYork) Baritone Ukelele. 1950's. Mahogany. Repaired Top Crack/ Top Back Binding.
             Some Nicks and Dings. Original Adorable Softshell Case. These are FINE Ukes and Cute too!

10741    Harmony Roy Smeck Ukulele. Mid 1950's. Mahogany. Plastic Fretboard. Some
              Nicks and Dings. No Case. Sweet! $95.

10737    Gretsch Round Body "Camp Ukulele" 1940's. Blue to Green Burst! Nicks, Dings.
              Original Canvass Bag. Cutie! $100.

10681    Regal Tiple. 1930's. M.O.T.S. Fretboard/Headstock.  Spruce Top.
              Fantastic Bridge Repair and Back Crack Repair By Dan McClusky!
              No Case. Awesome Sound! I Love This Precious Baby $450.

09718   1929? National Triolian Mandolin. SB. Metal Body. Changed Tuners? OSC. $1800.

09553    Sigma Electric Mandolin. MDL SM-23E. recent. Gig bag. $250.

08802    Kamaka Pineapple Uke. 1932? mag. Martin tuners. pro repaired cracks. nc. $500.

4640      Regal Uke..1940's..silverburst/red flowers..nc..$75.

1677      Supertone uke…stenciled “skiers”…nc…$95.